Expect things to be done but not rushed, driver onboarding.

 We have been swamped, working mostly on simplifying how we bring drivers into our platform and A/B testing our revenue model for the past week. The result of both tasks has been great; however, there are challenges. Before I talk about challenges, I will explain our progress from simplifying how we bring drivers to KapVoom and our reason.

Reason and Progress

We are a new company unknown, unheard-of, with a bold mission, not so great combination if you ask me. Because to make any claims, one must first create a name for itself, which is very difficult at the beginning because there is no proven success story. It's just a dream and a mission. I've realized If anyone is willing to try our service, it must be fast and easy. 

We quickly understood that was our case. From the amount of traffic we're getting on our website vs. the amount of download and driver signup our driver app was getting on the app store, we needed no more reasons to make sure our website could help onboarding drivers quicker, so we got to work.

About two weeks of coding to make our team move our entire driver onboarding process to our website, you can notice the changes if you visited our site 2 weeks before today, the time of writing this article. The result was worth it but came with its own set of problems. We need to figure out how we interview and review all the driver applications we have with our limited staff without sacrificing other aspects of our company that need our attention. We will figure that out, too, so if you applied to become a driver with KapVoom, please be patient while we get to your application.

A/B Testing

Shared revenue or membership subscription which path to go? That was the unanswered question from the beginning until less than a week ago. We now realize shared revenue is the path we will take moving forward. All drivers register for free, and we make money by collecting a small commission fee on every trip our drivers make.


Our work with our website is a way to prove to all our customers that we understand what's going on and have all the internal resources to take action at the right time. Our mission to build a fair platform for all continues, and we won't stop until we get things done.


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