Expect things to be done but not rushed, driver onboarding.

 We have been swamped, working mostly on simplifying how we bring drivers into our platform and A/B testing our revenue model for the past week. The result of both tasks has been great; however, there are challenges. Before I talk about challenges, I will explain our progress from simplifying how we bring drivers to KapVoom and our reason. Reason and Progress We are a new company unknown, unheard-of, with a bold mission, not so great combination if you ask me. Because to make any claims, one must first create a name for itself, which is very difficult at the beginning because there is no proven success story. It's just a dream and a mission. I've realized If anyone is willing to try our service, it must be fast and easy.  We quickly understood that was our case. From the amount of traffic we're getting on our website vs. the amount of download and driver signup our driver app was getting on the app store, we needed no more reasons to make sure our website could help onboard

New commitment to an old dream

I am fascinated with the idea where the delivery driver's time is respected, and they never get paid less than what they deserve, it's possible, and I won't rest until it's a reality! If there was only one thing I can say about myself, that would be: When I commit to something, it's impossible for me to let go. I may think I've given up, but the idea just comes right back to me, just in a different form. In 2014 I launched this app idea to make businesses accessible to their customers online. Still, the idea was too early at the time, especially for a small country like Haiti, where the internet was still a luxury to its population.  Fast forward to 2021, I am launching KapVoom with so much more experience, know-how, and now the product is accessible to anyone and can legally operate anywhere in the world.  To my surprise, a few days ago, I stumble on a Twitter post I've made about that project dated back to Oct 24, 2014. It made me smile with happiness and

Why contactless delivery is the best solution for both drivers and customers

 The quick answer to this is that contactless delivery keeps everybody safe. However, I would like to dive deeper into the matter and put myself inside both of our customers' shoes: the driver and the buyer. The gig economy as seen a surge in delivery drivers during the coronavirus due to the fact a lot of people are losing their jobs and delivery service apps like KapVoom a  quick way for families to generate an income for their household delivering goods to customers in our cities in our own time gives us the flexibility and freedom to make a lot of positive things happen in our lives but pandemic brings whole new sets of help risk and challenges for the drivers. One of our goals with KapVoom is to help stop the spread of COVID-19. That's why we put so much emphasis on "contactless delivery" we don't just happen to like the word because it's cool. When we look at the safety risk that's imposed by the pandemic to the health of our community members and th

Short-range E-Commerce by KapVoom

E-Commerce is seen as go online, pay for something, and wait for the delivery. At KapVoom, we’re making it instant for anything you need. Chances are it already exists in your city. We’ll help you discover cool great products, order them, and instantly deliver them to you with contactless delivery. E-Commerce is seen as this concept where you go online, pay for something, and wait for delivery from a different city, state, or even country. We often ignore the possibility of going online to buy something from the business across the street and have it delivered to our front door. The reason for that is businesses often lack the technical skills required to create the tools needed to make that happen. The ones that seek out the assistant end up with a crappy website that is very hard to use, leading to customers never really using it. That’s where KapVoom comes into play. We create a marketplace that allows customers to use our mobile app to discover businesses in their neighborhood or c