Why contactless delivery is the best solution for both drivers and customers

 The quick answer to this is that contactless delivery keeps everybody safe. However, I would like to dive deeper into the matter and put myself inside both of our customers' shoes: the driver and the buyer.

The gig economy as seen a surge in delivery drivers during the coronavirus due to the fact a lot of people are losing their jobs and delivery service apps like KapVoom a  quick way for families to generate an income for their household delivering goods to customers in our cities in our own time gives us the flexibility and freedom to make a lot of positive things happen in our lives but pandemic brings whole new sets of help risk and challenges for the drivers.

One of our goals with KapVoom is to help stop the spread of COVID-19. That's why we put so much emphasis on "contactless delivery" we don't just happen to like the word because it's cool. When we look at the safety risk that's imposed by the pandemic to the health of our community members and their families, I imagine how devastating it will be to be at risk because of being exposed while making a delivery to a customer or receiving a delivery from one of our drivers. 

With that said, contactless delivery seemed to be the optimal solution to tackle that specific problem, so we doubled down on making our platform only contactless delivery. Customers can provide instructions in the app about where they would like their delivery to be placed, but it should always be an instruction that requires no contact between the buyer and the driver.

We want to stay safe at KapVoom, and we understand that we play a key role in making sure that all members we serve in our community are safe as well, so we restless at making sure every decision we take at KapVoom is geared towards that goal of the safety of the members in our community.



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