Short-range E-Commerce by KapVoom

E-Commerce is seen as go online, pay for something, and wait for the delivery. At KapVoom, we’re making it instant for anything you need. Chances are it already exists in your city. We’ll help you discover cool great products, order them, and instantly deliver them to you with contactless delivery.

E-Commerce is seen as this concept where you go online, pay for something, and wait for delivery from a different city, state, or even country. We often ignore the possibility of going online to buy something from the business across the street and have it delivered to our front door.

The reason for that is businesses often lack the technical skills required to create the tools needed to make that happen. The ones that seek out the assistant end up with a crappy website that is very hard to use, leading to customers never really using it. That’s where KapVoom comes into play. We create a marketplace that allows customers to use our mobile app to discover businesses in their neighborhood or city that they can buy from and have their orders instantly delivered to their door with contactless delivery. We call it Short-range E-Commerce or ShortEcom.

We’ve seen how big technology companies have wiped out entire brick and mortar business chains in all categories on a healthy economy. We believe the damages will be significantly worse for small business owners in an unstable economy caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

We built KapVoom to help small business owners navigate financial difficulties that come with their business, not performing well because customers are ordering from home because of social distancing.

Interested businesses can now register for our service, and customers can download our app to use right now or set up their account and wait to use our service when we launch their area.

If you’re interested in becoming a shopper or driver for KapVoom, click here to visit our website.


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